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The signal range and the possible bending radius depend on the material.

A piece of salt stone in a bamboo basket, a tiger shell or a mesh of palm fibers – nothing more organic you will find. The card on the right is at 4 Mbps. Speaking about the internal structure, we can say with precision that all models have a similar content..

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick. Everything is clear here: the higher the speed, the better. Inner conductor – it can be made as single or stranded wire, copper tube. Crystal deodorant pioneers ensure that their products are safe for women and do not threaten breast cancer, as hinted at by the pink ribbon on the packaging. There are no restrictions here.

The signal range and the possible bending radius depend on the material. Balea Deo Kristall. Focus on how you want to use the card: if you want to record 4K video on it, then select speed class 10. Dielectric layer – ensures the immobility of the conductors. The German brand Balea produces deodorants in durable packaging that will prevent the crystal from breaking on the first contact with the tile floor in the bathroom..

For the average smartphone user, class 4 is quite enough, but you are unlikely to find such dinosaurs. It can be made of polyethylene, fluoroplastic, expanded polyvinyl chloride or an air gap. Napkins. UHS support.

The characteristic impedance and attenuation of the transmitted signal depend on the quality of the material. Deodorant body wipes are clearly not from the category of heavy artillery and will not stop sweating for a day (or even an hour), but they can eliminate the smell of sweat and prevent its appearance for some time. Ultra High Speed ​​(UHS) is an ultra-high speed data technology.

The outer conductor is braid. It is convenient to take such napkins with you on trips, they will not interfere in the city in especially hot months – especially since they can be used, as a rule, for the whole body. Cards supporting UHS technology have a speed that is no longer measured in megabits, but in tens of megabits per second. It is made of foil, corrugated tube, aluminum film, metal wire. Holika Holika So Cool Perfume Deo Tissue.

All UHS cards are Speed ​​Class 10. The quality of the material determines the degree of immunity to external electromagnetic interference. The product of a famous Korean brand will not become an analogue of a deodorant, but it will provide cooling and moisturizing of the skin..

In terms of UHS support, when choosing a memory card, you need to know the following: The sheath that protects the internal structure of the cable. PitROK Crystal Deodorant Wipes. The version of the UHS standard. As you can see, the principle of the structure of cables is the same, but the materials from which its structural parts are made differ from each other. Eco-friendly wipes based on mineral salts do not contain anything “bad” – no aluminum, no parabens, no silicones.

There are UHS-I and UHS-II – the cards are marked with Roman numerals I and II, respectively. How to choose a good option that would meet the technical characteristics of modern television broadcasting?